Our goal for Colvard Farms was to create a residential development that was economically sound and environmentally friendly. How could we protect the land and natural resources and create a neighborhood of lasting value?

The answer to that question was found in a leading edge planning approach for subdivisions known as conservation design — blending the science of the soils, slopes and vegetation with the artistic skills of a master designer. We subsequently retained the services of Randall Arendt, one of the nation’s foremost practitioners of conservation design for subdivisions.

“I would characterize the layout that I prepared for Colvard Farms as a conservation design, which I also would describe as taking the basic concept forward in terms of protecting land and natural resources.” — Randall Arendt

Mr. Arendt’s design preserves approximately one-third of the total property in permanent open space. And every home site has been carefully planned to take full advantage of the surrounding forests and meadows. The result is a land-use plan that is truly unique among the Triangle’s luxury neighborhoods.