“There used to be an old stagecoach route adjoining the property. Nearby was an inn. The stage would sound a bugle and blast it one time for each passenger who was on the stage so the innkeeper would know how many people were coming to dinner. The old stagecoach bed is still there.” — Mr. Edward Booth, a nearby resident since 1928

Surrounded by the quiet solitude of Colvard Farms, you can close your eyes and almost hear that stagecoach bugle still sounding in the distance. It is signaling to you that this is no mere plot of earth, but rather a land as rich in historic tradition as it is in natural beauty.

Indeed, the property has provided comfort and sustenance to many generations of families. At one time a collection of working farms (hence, our choice of names), Colvard Farms is now a neighborhood where your family can cultivate its very own traditions.